What happens after a you purchases an NFT?

Upon purchase of an NFT, you will receive an email with a secure link to claim the NFT. On this website, you will be asked to link your MetaMask wallet and approve minting to the address.

How does fulfillment work for NFTs

Once the team receives a fulfillment request, they will send a claim email to you. In this email you will be provided with a secure and unique link which brings you to NFT claim website. On this page, you will have the option to connect your MetaMask, confirm ownership of your wallet and begin the minting process. Once the minting is complete, you will receive confirmation.

What happens when your NFT is minted?

Once an NFT is minted the following values will be populated Fulfillment ID, TokenId and Wallet. On the fulfillment itself, we will update the (A) tracking company to be the blockchain the NFT was minted on (B) Tracking ID - Transaction hash for the mint event and (C) Carrier URL - A URL deep link to block scanner that provides full details on the transaction.

What blockchains are currently supported?

We currently only support Polygon. We are moving to support Ethereum in the future. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in integrations with other blockchain ecosystems.

Which Web3.0 wallets are currently supported?

We are currently using NFTeapot to mint our NFT's. They only support MetaMask wallets. We are looking to extend the variations of wallets in the near future.